No.  Salesforce Connections is (usually) not free.  It was in 2015, but let’s call it a fluke since they were merging with ExactTarget.  Salesforce is a world-class CRM and their conferences show it.  Not only are you rubbing shoulders with marketers from all over the world but you also get to see amazing performers like Katy Perry, Will I Am, and Stevie Wonder.  So maybe you’re not impressed with pop stars and are more into content.  Why pay for something when you can read the cliff notes?

Is Salesforce Connections Worth the Money?

We say yes if you use Salesforce products or your clients do.  The content and keynotes are inspiring and informative which is to be expected. We’ve attended the last 3 Salesforce connections meetings and it’s yielded unexpected results.  The value you find may not be in the actual keynotes or breakaway sessions but rather a less noticeable way.

The Hidden Value

At Salesforce Connections you’ll find thousands of innovative digital marketers and not all of them are trying to sell you something.  You have the opportunity to run into what Malcolm Gladwell calls “Connectors.”  These people know people who know people and they make friends like it’s a hobby.  They enjoy keeping up with folks and bringing together like-minded individuals.  Finding someone like this brings you into a whole knew world of networking.

Also, Vendors host cocktail parties on rooftops where you can meet potential clients, exciting vendors or people you want to be like / work with.  Lastly, you’ll meet youthful startup types with fire in their blood.  They’ve just sold one business and are working on another so that they can spend more time in Hong Kong working on their passion project.  That’s a real example.  These people exist and you can learn from them, and take some of that energy back to the office.

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