Digital and direct response marketing are where we got our chops.  We’ve worked on the client side and understand what a juggling act it can be to deliver results on time and on budget.  That’s our sweet spot.  We help simplify your life by creating impactful communications that drive sales, keep your customers engaged, and build loyalty with your brand.

Lisa Bell
Lisa BellCCO & Founder
L. Bell lives by the David Ogilvy mantra, “give me the creative freedom of a tightly defined strategy.” She enjoys digging for details to discover those nuggets of creative gold.

Lisa fell in love with direct marketing at Ogilvy & Mather Direct where she worked on a variety of accounts including Kimberly Clark, American Express and Sylvan Learning Center. She spent several years on the client side, but struck out on her own in 1993 and hasn’t looked back.

As mentioned, I love the research phase of the creative process. And that includes a ton of client input. But in the end, the most rewarding thing is creating something that works, that sells something, and that the client is thrilled to talk about at cocktail parties.
A mocha freeze from Costco! I typically avoid caffeine and limit chocolate, but this tasty treat packs a worthy punch at only 320 calories. And at $1.45, it appeals to my value-seeking nature.
One of my first bosses told me, “bring me solutions, not problems.” That really stuck with me. As a 25 year-old ad manager on a major B2B brand, I had the good fortune to work with New York and Chicago agencies. They helped me explore the best options when something went wacky.
Stacie Lowry
Stacie LowryPartner, VP Direct Marketing
Stacie is the lynchpin of the team because of her drive, attention to detail and genuine care. If you’re working with Stacie you know you’re in good hands and having fun.

Stacie works with some of the country’s leading brands to develop marketing communications that drive response. She manages the strategy and implementation of new marketing plans on both the customer and acquisition side and oversees the creative development of all digital programs. Stacie has been in Charlotte since 2001 and has a marketing degree from Virginia Tech. GO HOKIES!

Being the go-to person for our clients. Whether it’s to brainstorm on a new project or “answer the bat phone” for campaign execution, I love being there when they need us and getting to be a part of such awesome teams at amazing companies.
Half-assing something. Ha! That’s probably not the most PC answer, but it’s true in everything from work to home. If you’re going to do something, go all-in and do it well. You can take so much more pride in it.
Robin Shaw
Robin ShawCreative Director
Robin loves creating! It’s what he lives and breathes! Whether it’s designing exceptional marketing creative or restoring old trucks, he has a true passion for bringing things to life. Robin feels most at home when traveling having made numerous cross country trips seeking new adventures with his family.

Robin honed his creative craft at The Art Institute of Houston and has been designing marketing masterpieces for over 30 years.

Every project and every day are different and I live for the adrenaline rush of project deadlines and making clients happy. I love creating, whether it is designing direct marketing, boats, old trucks, houses or crafts… it’s what I do!
I would NEVER be trapped on an Island. I would never have crashed there in the first place because my seamanship and celestial navigation skills are superior AND I would always be able to make a raft out of coconut palms and use a washed up portacan for a sail… It’s actually funny… in the middle of the night when my mind is in runaway creative mode, I take my mind to “the island”… it can’t escape and finally gets bored and goes to sleep.
Riding the trails in Utah and then Kayaking with Orca in the Strait of San Juan De Fuca.
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