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If you’re a leisure brand, you’ve already got a fun product. You draw guests in with experiences that create lasting memories for them. But let’s face it, there’s a lot of options out there in the leisure world. Will your customers come back? Will they tell their friends? Do they associate your brand with the memories they made?

That’s where Tivoli Partners can help. We’re a loyalty marketing agency that creates loyalty strategy backed with engaging and impactful communications. We partner with you to drive sales and turn your customers into raving fans of your brand.

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– I LOV IT –

TIVOLI spelled backwards is I LOV IT.
Coincidence? No way.
Our clients say it about our work and
we say it about what we do. . . EVERY DAY.

Daryle Powers | Cedar Fair

“Tivoli Partners is more than just a loyalty marketing agency to Cedar Fair, they are an extension of our CRM marketing team, providing strategic insights  to help reach our guests through proven and meaningful direct response best practices and creative design.”

Randall Startz | Royal Caribbean

“We partnered with Tivoli in 2008. In late 2012, Tivoli was asked to help us launch a new credit card rewards program to incorporate all three of our brands. Tivoli crafted hard-hitting communications that worked. They made my job easier cutting through paperwork type processes and coming up with great ideas!”

Laresa Thompson | Carowinds

“Tivoli does a fantastic job with event promotion materials for Carowinds. They work closely with us to understand our goals and deliver creative ideas to engage our audience with 3D mailers and animated email invites. They love our brand and it shows. Tivoli is a true partner from start to finish on every project.” 

How to Get Started

Schedule a time to meet.
Online or in person.

Work together to develop a strategy.
Whether it’s one project or twenty.

We get to work. You rest assured.
No retainers, less headache.

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