9.5 Reasons Email is your Marketing Clydesdale

Businesses have a ginormous stable of available marketing communications tactics from which to choose – print, TV, radio, public relations, tradeshows, web and social media just scratch the surface. Smart campaigns use a mix of tactics to win and retain customers. However, one is a tried-and-true workhorse: email. Its speed, customization and cost effectiveness can move your customers and prospects along the sales cycle with tremendous efficiency.

If you know your recipient is from Peoria, Illinois, and loves GreatDanes you can include information specific to Peoria and Great Danes, thereby communicating to your customer that you care.

1. lightning-fast time to market

Because email marketing requires no printing time or time to route through the postal service, your message can be in your recipients’ inboxes speedy fast. Once you have established a template that gives your messages (and therefore your brand) consistency, you can pop in news, switch out any applicable graphics, determine your recipients and BAM! Off it goes.

2. personalization is a snap

Most everyone loves to see their name in lights, or at least in print. Email lets you do that. You can include the recipient’s name in numerous parts of the email, including the subject line and intro. If you know your recipient is from Peoria, Illinois, and loves Great Danes you can include information specific to Peoria and Great Danes, thereby communicating to your customer that you care.

What’s more, because email can be so personal, it presents a supreme opportunity for upsell. Say a customer bought moose-themed earmuffs from you. Because of that purchase, you can send an email suggesting additional items he or she might be interested in, such as moose gloves or a moose sweater.

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