The last 3 years have seen an upheaval in the marketing world.  The disrupters are being disrupted and you need to reinvent yourself constantly.  What isn’t changing?  Not much. But we’re marketers which means we’re creative and up for the challenge.  Your time is precious, so let’s get to the 7 marketing tips.


Our 7 marketing tips:

Get Involved

Do a quick search of your area to see what’s out there.  There are chapters for associations like the American Marketing Association, Business Marketing Association, and  Interactive Marketing Association.  The commitment level is low for attending most events and you can see whether it fits your interests.  Consider volunteering which will help you build your personal brand, your network, and your marketing competencies.  These associations are top-notch and offer opportunities to hear inspiring speakers, meet brand-new vendors and learn more about marketing than you ever thought possible.

Ignore The Unimportant

You know what’s important in your day and you need to protect it by cutting out the junk.  It’s important to have general knowledge in the marketing realm.  Ad blocking is a problem, TV viewership is down, and Yahoo is reorganizing.  These are good things to talk about at cocktail parties but not worth your time researching if you sell print ads.  Recognize what matters to you, read headlines, and ignore the rest.

Value Your Time

You’re the most valuable person in your life and it’s your job to take care of you.  That’s the basis of working well and managing your time.  It’s impossible to stay up to date with marketing if you don’t manage your time well.  Do a cost basis analysis of commitments and you’ll eliminate the distractions that don’t serve you.  Think of your 100-year-old self when making decisions about how you spend your time and it will help you determine what’s important.

Seek Out Guides

You need a marketing Yoda, so we’ll tell you a few of ours.  Simon Sinek, Donald Miller, David C Baker, Clayton Christensen, and Malcolm Gladwell are all good to start.  Humans seek guides, which is why you’re reading this article.  Start with some good TED Talks and find a perspective that resonates with your values.  Also, seek out mentors who are accomplished. Trade associations are a good place to find inspiring senior-level professionals.


Consider reading The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann.  It’s an inspiring idea that flies in the face of the “dog eat dog” business model.  It has 5 key points to being a success and the first one is “Give more in value than you take in compensation.”

Stay Curious

We all know one or two people in our career that we thought “boy, why haven’t they retired?”  That person lost their sense of genuine care because they no longer have the fire in their belly.  Change things up if you’ve lost interest in what you’re doing.

Stop Being So Hard On Yourself

Give yourself a break because you deserve it. We are human beings, not human “doings.” Life is a process and all that jazz.  I know, it’s getting preachy or new-agey but seriously, relax.  If you read the 7 marketing tips and found them even mildly thought-provoking, then you’re already on your way.  In conclusion, you’re great.

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