CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs have become essential for nearly all businesses.  Companies like SugarCRM and HubSpot serve small businesses and Salesforce and Marketo are enterprise level CRM programs.  The value they add to your loyalty marketing strategy is huge.  They centralize your customer database to one place along with important data like purchase information.  Once implemented a CRM program can integrate with nearly every aspect of your business from social to email automation and lead generation.  This one-to-one relationship allows you to keep up with customers.

Integrations are endless with CRM programs: email, social, websites, landing pages, forms.  We’ve written before about customer service in the tech age.  It’s a difficult task to monitor your social presence all the time and to respond in a timely manner to customers’ concerns.  You don’t need to monitor your company’s presence online with a Google Alert anymore.  You’ll be able to see everything said about you online and customer sentiment.  Think about the value that adds for a new product introduction or big event.


A surprising number of companies don’t have a CRM program and that’s ok.

That just means that someone is going to look really smart when they implement one.  Maybe that means hiring a marketing consultant.  We’ve seen clients go from sending out newsletter blasts to deploying sophisticated targeted messaging.  As a result, they were able speak to customers appropriately wherever they are on the customer journey.  It doesn’t take a huge staff to do it either.  You can leverage the software with a couple of smart marketers to deploy millions of communications.

It’s truly exciting the opportunities that are opened up.  This means you can send abandoned cart messaging, thank you emails, retargeted advertising and stimulation communications to keep in touch with customers.  A CRM program is to loyalty marketing what spinach is for Popeye.  It’s the secret sauce of what makes customers loyal.  The right CRM program will help drive sales and also improve customer interaction and keep customers loyal.

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