A new year is here and it presents a new set of opportunities and obstacles.  Last year brought about a lot of change in conventional media channels.  Consumer trust has taken a hit and we’ve entered into a period of the unknown.  Economic or socioeconomic uncertainty may change consumer spending habits especially when it comes to travel.  We’ve interviewed over 100 likely-travelers across the US to get their input. We’ve compiled our conversations into our 2017 Travel Marketing Trends.

Final Thoughts

  • When consumers are faced with uncertainty they look for value – national parks, discounts and all-inclusive options.  That doesn’t mean you need to lower pricing but you do need to advertise the value your product or service offers.
  • Exclusivity breeds loyalty.  That’s the only way your loyalty program is going to keep them coming back.  Reward your loyal customers with meaningful gestures, not a consolation prize.
  • Don’t kill your direct mail spend yet!  Direct mail went from being an essential to a more targeted niche effort.  People feel special to get print mail and it still deserves to be part of the marketing mix.

Thank you for viewing our 2017 Travel Marketing Trends.  Check out on marketing technology to watch.  Have your own thoughts?  Let us know below.