We are constantly trying to think of ways to become better marketers.  TED Talks are thought-provoking brainfood and we’ve compiled some great ones for your viewing pleasure.  TED Talks are a great way to keep learning, growing and challenging yourself as a marketer.  We’ve selected these few videos because they inform how we as marketers see the world.



Simon Sinek | First Why and Then Trust

Simon Sinek is a revolutionary thinker who helps people grow personally and professionally.  His honest approach to understanding ourselves and others is a game-changer.  He has multiple Ted Talks on purpose-driven business that are worth watching.


Clayton Christensen |  Milkshakes Understanding the Job

While this is not exactly a TED talks format, it’s a bite-sized bit of creativity.  Mr. Christensen’s book “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” about market innovation and disruption was one of Steve Jobs’ favorite reads.  Jobs said he was “deeply influenced” by his writing and we can see why.


Patty McCord | Lessons from a Silicon Valley maverick: new ways of working and collaborating

Patty McCord created Netflix’s company philosophy slide deck: “Netflix Culture: Freedom & Responsibility”. The COO of Facebook, has said “It may well be the most important document ever to come out of the Valley.”


Steven Johnson |  Where Good Ideas Come From

This is an encouraging talk about discovering new ideas through networking, following your hunches, and coffee!  He explains why ‘eureka’ moments are actually ideas figured out over a lifetime.


Brian Miller | How to Magically Connect with Anyone

Brian does a great job of describing authentic connection and understanding your audience.  When we can understand and empathize with our customers, we can ‘magically connect’.


We hope you enjoyed this curated list of TED Talks for marketers.  We hope it was offered some excitement or challenge and that it can be applied to your role as a marketer.  A big thanks to TED for their contribution to thought leadership in Technology, Entertainment and Design.

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