Whether it’s the positive feeling you get when someone remembers your name or content tailored to your preference, personalization is one key to good ROI. We can thank Millennials and Generation Z for this trend. They expect brands to remember their preferences, tailor future messages and respond to complaints on social networks within 60 minutes!

A lot of email personalization starts with good segmentation.  Once that’s in place, you’re able to speak more directly to a customers needs.  Most email service providers allow you to insert basic customer data in the text of the email, but there are exciting new possibilities. You can now deliver different real-time content based on any number of conditions (weather, location, customer data, etc.).

Email Personalization Examples:

  • You can overlay the customer’s name on to your product or image.  It’s an easy way to put your data to work and wow your customer or potential customer.



  • Drive home the sense of urgency with a countdown timer.  You’ve probably seen this in your inbox for flash sales from your favorite stores.  It heightens your fear of missing out on the offer and consequently has a better clickthrough rate.



  • Deliver local content.  Let a potential customer know about the weather in their area or your nearest retail location.  You can also display images depending on weather for nationwide campaigns.  So that way you show a family in winter gear if the email is opened in New York in February but a family in shorts in California.  Why stop there?  55% of emails are opened on mobile.  Show them a map of your closest store or a package tracker of their latest purchase.  The more relevant a personalized element is, the more the users will rely on them.  We’ve seen some clients have their email opened 3 or 4 times since people could check the weather.


  • Make your offer interactive with a reveal feature.  Nothing is more exciting than a scratch reveal that could save you money.  Even if it’s just free shipping, it feels like you just one a small lottery in your inbox.


We’ve given you a few ideas on how to add email personalization, but there are many other ways to make your email campaigns pop.  Check out our friends at LiveClicker to see what cool things they’re up to.

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