The line between marketing and technology is becoming blurred.  Marketers need to stay abreast of the ever-changing world of tech.  After much research and testing of new technology, we thought we’d pass along some insights we’ve picked up.

  • Eddystone Beacons – Google has changed Bluetooth beacon technology by releasing an open-sourced software that works on all mobile devices. In 2016 it opens up new possibilities for local notifications and personalization that will increase consumer comfort with the technology that was once-perceived as too big brother. In a few more years, when there is a standardized privacy & security protocol, the permissions will be built-in to the mobile device’s operating system and the beacon technology will be ubiquitous.
  • Virtual Reality – We’ve been a little skeptical about VR and so is the Wall Street Journal.  So far the content has fallen short of expectations.
  • The proliferation of HTML5 YouTube has been able to save 35% of it’s bandwidth by switching to HTML5 and it will soon become the standard for video and animation online.
  • Location Analytics – How can you better serve your customers by delivering the same messaging to multiple devices? Well here are three companies to help with that problem:
  • Evolution of SEO – Social media presence will play a larger role in legitimizing your brand online. Also, Google changes their algorithm more than once a day and keyword stuffing and buying links will be penalized.
  • Smart objects utilizing IFTTT – Your home is becoming smarter with IFTT (If This, Then That) technology. You walk into your living room and sit on your couch. The lights turn on and the universal remote app opens on your phone. These fun technologies present a new space for marketing products in the connected home.


Other (non-marketing) Technology:

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