The inventive customer is an independent thinker who prides himself on being logical.  They are complex problem solvers that go looking for challenges and new ideas.  Although they’re reserved, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t unique and creative.  Because they are driven by a desire for self-actualization, they are often influencers and early adopters.  Think of people who stand in line for the new Apple product or buy a Tesla solar roof.  They can concisely recognize problems and if there isn’t a solution available, they’ll create one.   Inventive customers are informed and crafty.  They research most purchases ad nauseam, double check Amazon reviews on Fakespot, quantify purchases on a measurable scale.

Inventive Communication

To market to the inventive customer we need to be creative.  Inventive consumers sniff out unoriginal messaging and can feel patronized if your marketing is insincere.  Authenticity in a marketing message is key.  Consider using new forms of media for messaging to this group because they’re pioneering new forms of media like Podcasts or Reddit.  Or wow them with a cool new email video or direct mail piece.  Believe it or not direct mail still works.  Give them something to be inspired about like the future or discovering something new.  Speak to their sense of adventure and challenge with your calls to action.

Inventive Customer Characteristics

Inventive customers’ education levels aren’t exactly an indicator of aptitude.  They might have only a high school diploma but are a software engineer.  Because they tend to look for new ideas their careers make them higher earners.  Don’t be surprised if this customer speaks more than one language.  Their Meyers-Briggs type would most fit INTP.  They’re also Malcolm Gladwells Maven personality realized.

Inventive Customer Attitude

They’re enterprising and often unsatisfied.  Maybe they work a nine-to-five but they are probably planning to launch a side business.  Inventive customers are often overwhelmed by the lack of time to pursue all of their ideas.