Introducing Easel Email – Making Email Creation Easy

Let’s face it, it’s difficult to keep up with all the emails you need to create – trigger emails, thank you, promotions and more.  Because email is so effective, there’s more pressure to use it.  It can be hard for a team to keep up with all this email creation especially if you need a designer and developer involved.  That’s a lot of back and forth for a simple email and can take several hours (if not days) before you can hit send.  This doesn’t even include cool personalization in email.  What’s the alternative?  You can use a custom email template in your email service provider.  The problem with that is that the large ESPs have outdated templates and are often out of date.  They may break in the inbox and don’t allow the flexibility you need.

Easel Email – Email Creation Easier

Many of our clients experience the issues we’ve outlined above and we’ve created a solution for email creation.  It’s called Easel Email.  The idea is to create custom templates for clients and put them in our intuitive drag and drop builder to eliminate a lot of headaches.  Everything that goes into the builder will be tested by our designers for appearance and rendering so you can rest assured your emails will look great.  Once you’re set up, you’ll have the templates you need (newsletter, promo, thank you, and more) set up within your account.  Managers can lock certain parts of a template like your header and footer so that they can’t be removed.

You’ll then be able to organize your emails into their own projects to keep things in order.  Easel can include your special links (subscribe and unsubscribe) and personalization data fields (name, order info, or location) to quickly personalize your emails.  Need to create this months newsletter?  Copy last months and update the pertinent details.

This is only the beginning.  We’re aiming to create a platform that’s a one-stop shop for email teams to create awesome email.

Need a new custom email template designed?  Tivoli can help you with that.

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